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Welcome to the Admissions / Resident & Family Services Home Page.

The Director of RFS is responsible for arranging resident admissions and discharges. The director is also available to assist and counsel residents and families with any special problems or concerns that might arise during the residentsí stay at Evergreen Valley. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 518-563-3261.
Admission Information:

All inquiries regarding placement of an individual will be referred to the Director Of RFS or designee, who will accommodate the individual, family member, and/or their designated representative and conduct tours Of Evergreen Valley as requested.

New York State requires a patient review instrument (PRI) and SCREEN as well as a Nursing home application to be completed and submitted to EVNH for review as part of the application process. The admission team will then review the information to determine if we can best meet that individualís needs.

Prior to admission, a source of payment must be made known. We ask that the resident bring with them Social Security card, Medicare and/or Medicaid cards, any insurance cards, advance directives, and if designated, a copy of power of attorney.

Click here for a nursing home application.

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What to bring:

Comfortable clothing, 2-3 weeks supply,
2 pairs of non-slip shoes,
Socks, 1 week supply,
Reminders of home, such as pictures, clock, hobby items, blankets, knick-knacks, etc.


Eyeglasses, hearing aid
dentures, wheelchair,
walker, razor, hairbrush,
toiletries, etc.

Electrical Appliances: If a resident chooses to bring electrical appliances and or decorations (ie. clock-radio, record player, electric razor, lamp, TV, fan, etc.), please notify the Supervising Nurse so that the appliance may be inspected by the Maintenance Department and inventoried by the nursing staff. Extension cords, cheater plugs (including power strips) are not allowed. All faulty items must be repaired before being used in Evergreen Valley. Personal air-conditioning units are not allowed.

Televisions: Non-Flatscreen TVís ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED. Flatscreen TV's can be no larger then 28 inches (edge to edge) and must be checked in before use. These restrictions are for the safety of the residents.